Automation of Sand Suction

Sand and gravel are needed for civil applications and construction. An important part of this material is extracted with the aid of sand suctions which are located in wells with depositions of sand and gravel. In this project we want to develop an automation to independently dredge a particular area with a suction.



Global Marine Technology Trends 2030

Recently Lloyd’s Register published an excellent report on “Global Marine Technology Trends 2030”. 18 technology trends are described that will change the future for maritime companies.

Imotec can support clients to make use of these technologies to explore the great opportunities they offer. Our expertise is particularly in the following technologies:

  1. Smart Ship
  2. Human Computer Interaction
  3. Robotics
  4. Big Data Analytics
  5. Sensors
  6. Autonomous Systems

Internet of Things (IoT)

All industries can profit from the Internet of Things (IoT). But only companies incorporating the new possibilities will gain a competitive edge on their competitors. The previously mentioned marine technology trends will result in improved efficiency.

Imotec on Trade Mission India

Today the Dutch Trade Mission India started. An excellent chance for Imotec to present her Intelligent Dredging Assistant and dredging innovations. Jan Peters had a short conversation with our minister Sharon Dijksma who opened the first day of the Flagship Mission. IMG-20150604-WA0001

Aquatic Solutions Conference

Successful design of maritime applications used to rely on the experience of the design team combined with physical model testing. However physical testing is costly, time-consuming and experience may be unavailable in innovative projects. With increasing complexity and interaction of systems in offshore and marine engineering, it is no longer acceptable to detect errors during the commissioning of systems.

Are you interested in getting to know more on how modelling could solve this issue?


Register for the Aquatic Solutions Conference and enjoy Jan Peters’ talk –


Aquatic Solutions Conference

Dedicated to Maritime and Offshore

From 1 April 2015 Imotec is dedicated exclusively to the maritime and offshore market. Our activities on high tech systems have been taken over by VIRO Hengelo. With a flexible organisation we can concentrate on our products for dredge automation IDA and ship monitoring RRIsis. We will continue to provide custom solutions and services such as modeling, providing custom software, algorithm and Artificial Intelligence solutions, mechatronics and robotics maritime applications. With our partners we will provide you the highest quality, availability and safety for your ships.